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Microsoft Productivity Apps

ATTENTION: It is strongly recommended that persons downloading MS Office (O365) run the Calnet Passphrase Sync tool prior to logging in to the MS download site. Running the sync tool will resolve a known issue that contributes to login failure/denied access.

Office 365 ProPlus

UC Berkeley Faculty, Staff and Students now have access to Microsoft’s Office 365 for use on their personally-owned computers for instruction, research, class work and non-commercial personal use.

Office 365 includes:

  • MS Office Application Suite
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Powerpoint
    • OneNote (PC Only)
    • And more…
  • Concurrent activations on
    • Up to 5 computers (PC, Mac, or mixed)
    • Plus up to 5 Tablets
    • Plus up to 5 Mobile Devices
  • Automatic Updates
    • Access to the latest version of Office (currently 2016)
    • Access to the latest features, security patches and fixes 

Download and Install

Instructions for downloading and installing Office 365 for personally-owned and unmanaged UCB computers, including Faculty/Staff Work at Home systems, are available at the links below.

(Can't access the guides? Log in to a bConnected app, e.g. bCal, then retry your access.)

UCB-licensed MS software must be uninstalled from personally-owned devices by Students, Staff and Faculty upon separation from UC Berkeley.


For answers to FAQ see the Microsoft Productivity (O365) FAQ page.
Contact information for Technical support is available at  Software Central Support

Office for Managed UCB-owned Devices

Faculty and Staff (on-campus machines):

To request Office for individual work desktops/laptops

  • With Dept. IT support — Contact your IT support staff.
  • Without Dept. IT support — Contact CSS-IT at 510-664-9000, options 1, 1.

Institutionally owned devices:

The Microsoft agreement allows unlimited deployment of a wide range of Microsoft desktop and server software on institutionally owned devices. For a complete list, see the Product List page.

UC Berkeley and Microsoft have partnered with SHI as our fulfillment partner. You will be redirected to their website for your downloads.

  • To get access to media and keys for Departmental IT Staff* have your department Faculty/Manager/MSO/Director send email to with
    • MICROSOFT DEPT IT in the subject line
    • department name and authorizer
    • names and email addresses of persons to be granted access
    • list of product keys requested
    • estimated number of machines on which you intend to install, by platform (e.g., 20 Macs and 56 PCs)

*Access to media and keys is reserved for department IT staff who support multiple computers, or for software installs on unsupported Lab systems. For installs on a single or small number of UCB-owned office/work computers please contact CSS IT.

MS Visio/Project (Faculty/Staff only)

UC Berkeley and Microsoft have partnered with Kivuto Services as our fulfillment partner for Microsoft Visio and Project. You will be redirected to their website for your downloads.

  • To download software, go to (CalNet ID required).
  • IMPORTANT: You have 31 days from the day you "Check Out" of the download page to download your software. If you do not wish to install the software at the time you download it, you may archive the download for future installation (e.g., onto a flash drive).
For support, contact Kivuto Services


UC Learning Center. The campus offers free software training to UC Berkeley employees through the UC Learning Center (accessible via the Blu portal — CalNet ID required). In-person and online classes are available. To find a class, search on the software product name. For more information, see the campus Human Resources Computer Software Classes page.

Microsoft offers free online help and how-tos, as well as free online training for their Office products.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are available at Microsoft Office 365 FAQ's.

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Available Platforms: Windows, Microsoft