Microsoft Operating System


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Download Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) or MS Server

Personally-Owned Devices

Personally-owned devices are non-Berkeley computers without “IBM BigFix".

Microsoft OS is provided via Kivuto Services. 

Please save your product key and installation file for future use. 

Institutionally-Owned/Managed Devices

Berkeley managed devices are computers that have “IBM BigFix”.

Admin privileges required to install on your machine.

Request Microsoft OS Server

To request Microsoft Windows Server for your team, please complete this form:

End of License

Faculty, Staff and Students may download one copy of each.

Faculty, staff, and students may not retain this software upon separation from the university.


Included in the cost of the IT Productivity Suite(link is external) and Student Tech Fund(link is external) Fees. No direct user costs. 

Microsoft operating system

Microsoft Windows Desktop Operating System (OS) upgrades including Windows 10 and 11 Education.

Get Support

Support for personally-owned devices

Support for Berkeley Managed Devices