General Information

UC Berkeley has signed a campus-wide agreement with VMware to provide their virtualization software to qualified members of the academic community.  Students, faculty, and technical staff may download and install VMware products at no cost through the IST-sponsored VMware Academic Program subscription.  This includes VMware Workstation, Fusion, vCenter, vCloud Suite, and vSphere (limited to a single license key per product, per user).

Use of this program is restricted to the following cases:

  • Instruction – Faculty within member institutions gain access to VMware software licenses free of cost for the purpose of classroom instruction.  Students taking qualified courses can also install program software on their personal computers.

  • Research – Faculty within member institutions gain access to VMware software licenses free of cost as a part of their non-commercial research projects. Program software can be installed in research labs as well on the personal computers of faculty and students involved in research projects.

  • Personal Use - Faculty members as well as staff directly involved in administering systems and providing support for program software may install the software on their personal computers.  vSphere, vCloud and related products are provided by VMAP for personal use in gaining hands-on experience with the products.

For more information about the academic license and example of acceptable use, see https://labs.vmware.com/academic/licensing-overview.

Software Downloads:

UC Berkeley and VMware have partnered with Kivuto Services as our fulfillment partner. You will be redirected to their website for your downloads.  Evaluation licenses are good for 365 days.  You will need to obtain a new license every year and you may need to reinstall the product.

  • To download software, go to http://ucbwah.onthehub.com (CalNet ID required).

  • Some of the VMware software is intended for advanced users and may be destructive to your computer.  It is advisable to participate in the training available through this program before using any of the vCloud and/or vSphere products.

  • This software is not available to students, faculty or staff who no longer attend or are no longer an employee of UC Berkeley.

  • IMPORTANT:  Software cannot be used to support infrastructure.  If you require production level services please email is-platform-help@lists.berkeley.edu for information on hosted virtual machines and/or dedicated VMware environments.  More information can be found at http://ist.berkeley.edu/services/is/virtual-servers.

Vendor: VMware
Categories: Operating Systems
Available Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux