MATLAB® is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. Using MATLAB, you can analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications.

Download MATLAB

Individual Licenses

  • Install a new individual license from the MATLAB Portal (requires a Mathworks account).
  • Renewing Existing Installations: Launch MATLAB, Click on Help, Click on Licensing, Select Activate Software

Classroom - Concurrent Licenses

For use with shared-environment computers used in classroom/instruction lab machines for student instruction. Licenses are per machine, and each machine requires its own license. 

Non-networked Computer Licenses

For use with single, off-line computers that cannot connect to the internet to download and activate MATLAB software.

Matlab and Simulink Requirements

Tutorials & Online Training

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  • Students*
  • Staff
  • Faculty

*Registration must be fully completed before Matlab software can be downloaded. Monitor progress at CalCentral. UC Extension Students are not eligible.

Data Security

Matlab Drive and Matlab Online are not acceptable for any institutional data classified as sensitive or "critical," including certain personally identifiable human subject data. Any data stored here should be intended for public access (PL0). For more details see: Data Classification Standard


The MATLAB Funding Consortium* and Student Technology Fee funds the 1-year campus-wide license for 2021.  

Attention College of Chemistry and the College of Letters and Science faculty and staff

*Note: The Consortium includes several Colleges and Departments who underwrite a portion of license costs.  The College of Chemistry and College of Letters & Science collect license costs from individual or group users.  Faculty and Staff members (including Students using Matlab as employees of the university) from CoC and L&S who obtain a Matlab license may be contacted to provide a chartstring for these charges. 

The per license cost is:

College of Chemistry - $130 per license (email a valid speedtype to
College of Letters and Sciences - $100 per license

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