Tableau is easy-to-use business intelligence software used for data analysis, providing visual tools to help you see and understand your data. You can connect to data in a few clicks, then use drag and drop tools to visualize and create interactive dashboards that can then be shared with Tableau Public. Visual analytics are at the core of the Tableau experience, allowing you to to ask questions and see data in meaningful ways in order to understand it. These tools allow you to easily visualize data and spot trends to answer your own questions.

Obtain Tableau License Products

Free Education License

Tableau offers free education license products for students and instructors. Submit your request: 

Creator Desktop License

Discounted Creator license subscription available for UC system. Submit your request to UC's Tableau Enterprise Sales Representative:

Enterprise Server

Free Trial Offer (14 days)

System Requirements

Accessibility Information

Tableau is not recommended for creating visualizations on a public facing web site. The Tableau tool is best used on a researcher's own workstation. The visualizations rendered by Tableau do not meet the UC electronic accessibility policy and are not usable by people with certain disabilities. 

Please see additional information about Tableau and accessibility

Tutorials & Online Training

Get Support

The free version of Tableau is available as self-service, and is not supported by UC Berkeley IT staff. Support for Tableau Enterprise Server is available through the EDW Team. 


Free version of Tableau is available for:

  • Students
  • Instructors

Tableau Enterprise Server is offered as a paid consortium service for departments. 


  • Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep is available for students and instructors for free. Licenses can be requested online and you will be sent an email with a product key that is valid for one year. You may reapply for a new key once it expires every year you are a student or instructor.
  • Creator Desktop Licenses (currently $504 annually) are available for purchase through UC's Enterprise Sales Representative at Tableau, Jina Dubose
  • Enterprise Server Licenses are available for purchase through the EDW team.