General Information

SAS Licenses

2017-18 SAS License Renewal

SAS license activation files (SID files) for the 2017-18 license cycle are now available. Please see the Purchase License section below for the pricing schedule and instructions for requesting and purchasing an SAS license for 2017-18.

SAS is a data management, analysis and presentation package available in an Education Analytical Software (EAS) bundle. SAS is licensed under an agreement between UCOP and SAS. U.C. Berkeley is a participant in that contract.

SAS Education Suite Products

The SAS Education Analytic Suite contains Base, Advanced and Regression SAS software and 20 analytic solutions. To view a product description, including the list of analytic solutions, visit this Education Analytical Suite webpage.

Subscription Information
SAS license subscriptions operate on a term beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2018 with a short grace period of 90 days beyond the expiration date. New license subscriptions allow usage of the software from the date of purchase to the end of the license term, and include maintenance on the subscription in the form of tech support, as well as product and version upgrades. Licenses are not perpetual and are not pro-rated.

Operating System Compatibility

Windows System Requirements
Refer to SAS Supported Operating Environments for information on supported operating systems.

SAS is NOT available for Mac OSX. If you wish to run SAS on an Apple computer, you may be able to do so by running SAS for Windows in a virtualized Windows environment using a program such as Bootcamp, or Parallels. There is no support available under this option.

License Types

Single User
An annual license for a single desktop computer is available for faculty or staff purchased by their department. Students may also purchase an annual license. A desktop computer is defined as a single user Windows or Linux computer with one or two processors.

Annual licenses for SAS EAS are available. Server pricing is dependent upon the number of server CPUs. Server licenses are available for department purchases only.

Academic Use (Teaching and Research- T&R)
As defined by SAS, software used for purposes of classroom instruction, academic research, and course work primarily related to customer's post-secondary degree requirements. Used by students, faculty, and staff supporting such use.

Administrative Use
Administrative use is defined as, “Use of the software for the general administration of the university”. This includes, but is not limited to, reporting of management information, planning, quality assurance, statistical support and statutory reporting services for the university. Note: Use of the software such as Institutional Research, Financial Aid, Admissions or any analysis of school data on behalf of the school is considered by SAS to be administrative usage of the software and does require an administrative license.

Obtaining Software
After you have purchased a license, you will receive an e-mail with confirmation of your purchase and instructions on how to install the SID. Installation media is available at the Main Circulation Desk of the Doe Library, and at the Kresge or Haas Libraries at their software circulation desks.

If you are IT Staff purchasing SAS software for several machines and need the install media for longer than the 24 hours allowed through the libraries, IST will lend media. Please email to arrange an appointment to borrow the media from IST. Walk-ins will not be assisted. The preference is to lend and return software via campus mail.

License Key
A license key, called a SID or setinit, must be applied each year. A SID will be provided to each customer after receipt of payment. Use of an expired license is a violation of the license agreement. The SID or setinit typically allows for a short grace period after renewal. New installations cannot generally be done after the setinit expiration date of July 1.

Installation Instructions
Installation instructions can be found at the SAS Install Center.

Purchase License

Department purchase for Faculty and Staff
SAS EAS Bundle Workstation and Server licenses for use by faculty or staff must be purchased with department funds. No personal payments accepted.

Department Order Instructions:

For orders purchased using a COA chartstring: Complete and submit the 2017-18 SAS License Request form.

License Prices - UCB Departments
Pricing for July 2017.

All Licenses Expire June 30, 2018
SAS 9.x SERVER LICENSE 32-BIT WINDOWS Admin 1-CPU Request quote
SAS 9.x SERVER LICENSE 64-BIT WINDOWS Admin 1-CPU Request quote
SAS 9.x SERVER LICENSE LINUX Admin 1-CPU Request quote
SAS 9.x Solaris 64-bit enabled LICENSE $87.00
SAS 9.x SP1 WINDOWS 32 bit LICENSE $87.00
SAS 9.x SP1 WINDOWS 64 bit LICENSE $87.00
SAS 9.x SP1 LINUX LICENSE (indicate 32 or 64 bit) $87.00
SAS 9.x Solaris 64-bit enabled Admin LICENSE Request quote
SAS 9.x SP1 WINDOWS 32 bit Admin LICENSE $110.00
SAS 9.x SP1 WINDOWS 64 bit Admin LICENSE $110.00
SAS 9.x SP1 LINUX Admin LICENSE (indicate 32 or 64 bit) $110.00

Check SAS system requirements prior to purchase and installations.

Your order will be processed after we receive the order with a valid billing account. Once the order has been processed the Primary Contact will receive a confirmation email with the SID and instructions for activating the license(s). The authorizer will receive a confirmation email for the transaction.

UCB Student Purchases

UC Berkeley students may purchase a Student EAS Bundle Workstation License by completing the 2017-18 SAS License Request – Student form.

After you have purchased a license for SAS through IST, you will receive an e-mail with confirmation of your purchase, instructions and an access file to activate the SAS software. In addition to the SAS license purchase cost (see above License Prices) there will be an additional 9% Processing Fee charged for Student SAS License purchases.

UC Berkeley Extension Student Purchases

UC Berkeley Extension students can obtain SAS from the UNEX computer department. Talk to your instructor about how to order.

Software Distribution cannot provide technical support for these products. Participants can contact SAS's web site for technical support information. Links to additional support resources are available on the SAS Support Services page.


Vendor: SAS Institute
Categories: Statistics
Available Platforms: Windows, UNIX, Linux