General Information
Description: RightFax software allows Cal Voicemail users to send and receive faxes electronically from their desktop PC. Outbound and incoming faxes are logged and managed into separate folders on your desktop. Send a fax directly from within a PDF, Word doc, Excel spreadsheet or Notepad and create a custom coversheet. Receive faxes in your Cal Voicemail mailbox and view it as a tif file on your PC.

Reduce costs by eliminating the need for paper delivery, stand-alone fax machines, and infrastructure and network access fees. Increase productivity by speeding up document exchange.

To activate RightFax, you must place an order through the IST Shopping Cart.
Vendor: Cal Voicemail
Categories: Utility
Available Platforms: Windows

General Information
Name Platform Supporting Operating Systems
RightFax 9.4  Windows Vista, Win 7
RightFax_9.4_Installation Guide  Windows Vista, Win 7