Four months of complimentary Adobe Creative Cloud, redeem by August 15th

July 23, 2020

Adobe is partnering with eligible schools (including UC Berkeley) to provide its recent graduates with four months of complimentary access to Creative Cloud.

To receive your redemption code for four months complimentary Creative Cloud All Apps, go to Here, you'll be able to transfer your work from your school-owned account to a new personal account. Following asset migration, you will automatically receive your redemption code in a follow-up email.

If you have already completed asset migration, you will not be able to access the portal, and will not be able to receive an automated redemption code. Please reach out to Adobe Customer Support for manual deployment of a redemption code.

Students will receive a redemption code if they complete Student Asset Migration before August 15th. Four months of complimentary access begins at time of redemption. If not redeemed, redemption codes expire 6 months after they are issued. Replacement codes will not be provided for expired codes.

Take the steps outlined on Adobe’s site so you can transfer your work and receive the 4 month offer. For additional information, please see Adobe’s FAQ.

If you have any questions, please contact Adobe Customer Support