Microsoft Operating Systems

General Information

As a part of the Operational Excellence–sponsored Productivity Suite project, Berkeley has signed a campus license agreement to provide the most commonly used Microsoft software to all faculty, staff, and students. There is no cost to individuals or departments for the MS software for the 2017–18 fiscal year.

MS Operating System Downloads

Personally-owned Devices/Work-at-Home(Faculty/Staff):

Faculty, Staff and Students may download one copy of the MS Operating System products listed below. The software may be retained by Faculty and Staff upon separation, and by Students following graduation from the University.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended that you archive your download and activation key to an external location (e.g. flash drive, external hard drive) for use in the event a re-install is required (e.g. system crash, upgrade or replacement). 
  • Microsoft Windows Desktop Operating System (OS) Upgrades including Windows 10 Education and Windows 8.1 Professional

UC Berkeley and Microsoft have partnered with Kivuto Services as our fulfillment partner. You will be redirected to their website for your downloads.

  • To download software, go to (CalNet ID required).
  • IMPORTANT: You have 31 days from the day you "Check Out" of the download page to download your software. See the Instructions page for details. If you do not wish to install the software at the time you download it, you may archive the download for future installation (e.g., onto a flash drive).

For support, contact Kivuto Services

On-campus machines (Faculty and Staff):

  • With IT support — Contact your IT support staff.
  • Without IT support — Contact CSS-IT at 510-664-9000, option 1, 1

Institution-owned devices:

Beginning with 2019 the Microsoft/UCB agreement has a set number of  licenses for a wide range of Microsoft desktop and server software on institutionally-owned devices. For a complete list, see the Product List page.

UC Berkeley and Microsoft have partnered with SHI as our fulfillment partner. You will be redirected to their website for your downloads.


UC Learning Center. The campus offers free software training to UC Berkeley employees through the UC Learning Center (accessible via the Blu portal — CalNet ID required). In-person and online classes are available. To find a class, search on the software product name. For more information, see the campus Human Resources Computer Software Classes page.

Microsoft offers free online help and how-tos, as well as free online training for their Office products.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions please see FAQ's.

Vendor: Microsoft
Categories: Operating Systems
Available Platforms: Windows, Mac