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MATLAB 2018 Licensing

Updated July 2018

UC Berkeley has renewed our campus-wide contract with MATLAB for 2018. The new Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license includes the latest release of MATLAB software R2018a (and previous versions), Simulink, and the full suite of 86 Toolboxes currently offered by MathWorks.

How to obtain a 2018 MATLAB License

The MATLAB Funding Consortium* and Student Technology Fee funds the 1-year campus-wide license for 2018.  

Attention College of Chemistry and the College of Letters and Science faculty and staff

*Note: The Consortium includes several Colleges and Departments who underwrite a portion of license costs.  The College of Chemistry and College of Letters & Science collect license costs from individual or group users.  Faculty and Staff members (including Students using Matlab as employees of the university) from CoC and L&S who obtain a Matlab license will be contacted to provide a chartstring for these charges, estimated at $100 per user per year. 

Individual Licenses

Students, faculty, and staff are eligible to download individual stand-alone copies of the software for each of the machines on which they are the sole MATLAB user (includes university-owned and personal machines).

Install an Individual License from the MATLAB Portal:

Classroom - Concurrent Licenses

Classroom - Concurrent Licenses are available for all UCB-owned, shared-environment computers used in classroom/instruction lab machines for Student instruction. Classroom licenses are per-machine. Each machine on which MATLAB has been installed must have its own license.

Request license: 2018 Classroom License Request Form.

Designated User Licenses

The Designated User License should be used for single, off-line computers that cannot connect to the University license server(s), or computers in environments shared by several people for MATLAB use (e.g. labs). These licenses are associated with a person and not the computer on which the software is installed, so a license must be requested for every person accessing the software.

Install MATLAB on off-line computers:

Request license: 2018 Designated User License Request Form.

Departmental License Servers

The Campus License Servers have been updated and currently support versions up to and including R2018a.

Departments may choose to maintain their own license servers. Groups maintaining their own License Servers can indicate that preference in the Classroom license request form. Software Central will work with the department contact to activate the server for the 2018 cycle.

Request license: 2018 Classroom License Request Form.

For instructions on setting up network licensed computers to use the Central License Server see this MATLAB Network License Activation FAQ.


For step-by-step instructions refer to the Quick Start TAH License Guide.

MATLAB Academy

The MATLAB Academy offers UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students enterprise-level, on-demand, self-paced training. Get started with Matlab Academy by logging in with your MathWorks account.

Additional Resources


The MATLAB Portal includes a Help section where you can directly submit support tickets or search Knowledge Base articles. For licensing questions, including eligibility, contact


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Categories: Scientific, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics
Available Platforms: Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, iPhone