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MATLAB 2018 Licensing

The MATLAB Total Academic Headcount (TAH) campus-wide contract has been renewed and expanded for 2018. New this year is a Full Suite agreement that provides all 86 Toolboxes currently offered by The Mathworks (including MDCS). Faculty, Staff and Students are also eligible to access Enterprise-level, on-demand training through Matlab Academy.

Again this year, funding for the 1-year contract is being provided by the 8 Colleges and Organizations who make up the UCB Matlab Funding Consortium. As a result, IS&T will not be collecting funds from the individual licensees*.

(* Please note that the College of Chemistry and the College of Letters and Science will be conducting internal cost-recovery efforts, and that to achieve full cost recovery Faculty/Staff members of the 2 colleges will be required to provide COA information via the CoC or L&S License Request form.)

Additionally, Students voted to provide funding for the TAH Student Option. With the inclusion of the Student Option, Students who are not UCB employees are eligible to use MATLAB  for course work on their personally-owned devices.

License Categories and Types

MATLAB licenses are valid from the time of activation through the end of the License Cycle, Dec 31. Licenses must be renewed annually.

Designated User Licenses

Designated User licenses entitle the Named Licensee to MATLAB and all of the toolboxes available through the UCB TAH agreement. One Designated User license allows for the install of MATLAB on multiple systems for the exclusive use of the Named Licensee.

**Please note** that Designated User licenses are associated with a person and not the computer on which the software is installed. In areas where a computer is shared, e.g. research labs, each person accessing Matlab on the shared machine must have a license to do so. In the current model, only classroom and instruction lab computers may be licensed per machine.

Individual Licenses -

The Mathworks' new license type, suggested for personally-owned devices, office desktops/laptops or other devices used by one individual; not recommended for shared computers. This Named-user type license will eventually replace the traditional Designated Machine and Concurrent licenses.

Classroom Licenses

Classroom licenses are available for “use in on-campus instruction labs used solely for classroom instruction of students.” Classroom licenses are associated with computers and not individuals (machine licenses). Every classroom/instruction lab machine on which MATLAB is installed must have a license.  For instructions on setting up network licensed computers to use the Central License Server see this MATLAB Network License Activation FAQ.

Purchasing a 2018 Matlab License

Faculty and Staff

Faculty/Staff may submit requests for MATLAB licenses using the 2018 UCB Matlab License Request - Faculty/Staff form. Students who are also employees of the University (GSI, GSR, etc.) and using Matlab for instruction or academic research should also use this form. You must be logged in to your UCB Google Apps (bCal, bDrive, bMail) account to access the form.

Faculty and Staff - College of Chemistry/College of Letters and Sciences

College of Chemistry Faculty/Staff can request Matlab by submitting the 2018 Matlab License Request - CoC form.
College of L&S Faculty and Staff can request Matlab by submitting the 2018 Matlab License Request - L&S form.

You must be logged in to your UCB Google Apps (bCal, bDrive, bMail) account to access the form.
Pricing information for Matlab Licenses for L&S and CoC is included within the request form.


Students who are not also currently employed by the University may request MATLAB licensing for UCB-owned or personally-owned computers by submitting the 2018 UCB MATLAB License Request – Students form. You must be logged in to your UCB Google Apps (bCal, bDrive, bMail) account to access the form.

Departmental License Servers

Departments may choose to maintain their own license servers. Groups maintaining their own License Servers can indicate that preference in the license request form. Software Central will work with the department contact to activate the server for the 2018 cycle.

Matlab Academy

Faculty, Staff and Students who are associated to the UCB campus Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license are automatically enrolled in all available online training courses. To access training, users should:

    1. Visit Matlab Academy
    2. Log in using their MathWorks account

Enterprise-level, on-demand, self-paced training
Unlimited access to 6 (and growing) hands-on interactive training classes
–79 hours total content
–Learning MATLAB ( 1.5 hours content
and more..




R2018b available

The latest release of Mathworks' MATLAB software is R2017b. The Campus License Servers have been updated and now support R2017b. For information on what is new in the latest release visit the MATLAB Release Highlights page. For system requirements see this MATLAB System Requirements page.

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Additional Resources

·        Use MATLAB in a web browser: MATLAB Online

·        Join a vibrant user community: MATLAB Central

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