UPDATE: Software Licensing Delays Expected

August 9, 2016

*UPDATE* A workaround for eligiblity verification has been implemented. Queued license requests are now being processed in the order they were received.

Recent changes to the University's Student Records system has had an unforseen impact on the ability of Software Central to confirm Student eligibility for select software products. Without verification it is not possible to provide licensing and stay in compliance with the terms of the contracts. Primarily affected are New Students, however, in some cases Returning/Continuing Students may also be affected. Products for which licensing may be delayed include:

  • Matlab
  • Mathematica
  • SAS
  • JMP

Software Central is working closely with the Office of the Registrar, SIS, Calgroups and others to resolve the issue expedituously, but there is a chance that full resolution will not be in affect before the start of the Fall session. Students are encouraged to submit their requests using the Google License Request forms (links to forms are avaialble on the respective webpages at https://software.berkeley.edu). The requests will be queued and processed in the order they were received once the issue is resolved.