UPDATE: CtrlWORK Outage Resolution

October 3, 2016

UPDATED: Oct 4, 2016

The licensing issue affecting the CtrlWORK ergonomics software was found to be due to an expired license file on the vendor's server. A new file has been uploaded to the server, and a new license file has also been added to the download package. Restoring access requires an uninstall and re-install of CtrlWork.

For managed machines: Use the CtrlWORK Uninstall offer in Self Service to uninstall CtrlWORK. Re-install CtrlWORK using the software available for download at http://blu.berkeley.edu/stretch/stretch_home2.html

For unmanaged machines: Uninstall the software using standard uninstall process, i.e. Control Panel, and re-download/re-install CtrlWORK. The software is available for download at http://blu.berkeley.edu/stretch/stretch_home2.html . You must have local administrator rights on the target computer to install this software. If you do not have local admin rights please contact CSS IT at 510-664-9000 options 1,1 for assistance.

Oct 3, 2016

UCB Licensees of the Ergonomic awareness program "CtrlWORK" have reported that the software is not functioning, and that an error message stating that the software license has expired is being displayed. As the software is made available through a UC System-wide license, the UC Office of the President has been contacted. The Manager of the Systemwide Healthcare Risk and Safety Program is in contact with the vendor to determine the cause of the outage and to work towards resolution. No ETA is currently available.

Please monitor this site for any updates.