License Expiration Warning - Adobe Creative Cloud

November 22, 2017

There have been many incidents reported of a pop-up notice warning that the Adobe Creative Cloud applications will expire Nov 30th (see below).

Adobe Support was contacted, and it was learned that Adobe will be updating how they manage enterprise licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat DC beginning November 30, 2017. Because of the change, existing enterprise licenses need to be updated with new serial numbers. This change impacts all institutional machines, including computer labs, that have had Creative Cloud and Acrobat DC applications installed via Self-Service or from installers downloaded from Box and the CSS-IT software share. This change does not impact Adobe software installed through Kivuto on personal devices.

In order to minimize service disruptions, the EEI team is currently building and testing a serialization fix that will be pushed to all managed machines in BigFix and Casper. This fix will also be made available to departmental IT staff who do not use the Berkeley Desktop nor have machines on either BigFix and Casper. The expected release for this fix is by November 24, 2017.